Playlist: Beck (1994-2014)

I never intended to make a post that’s in any way associated with the Grammy Awards.

Hell, I hardly even pay attention to the Grammy Awards, unless I’m wandering aimlessly on social media and happen upon the typically ridiculous placement of artists in categories of which they have no business earning an award.

But then Kanye West blasted Beck for winning album of the year, for an album I admittedly dismissed upon its release much in the same way I did Sea Change in 2002. And although I own multiple albums by both Kanye and Beck, I found West’s response to Beck’s triumph as equally annoying as nearly every other music fan.

And I was actually pleasantly surprised at how I felt about Morning Phase upon giving it another listen this week.

So I haphazardly threw together a Spotify playlist of Beck tracks from the nine albums available on the streaming site. I went with three songs from each album, which means the favorites of most people will not likely be included. But this list does give a decent overview of the different sounds and styles Beck has offered up over the years.

It was actually nice to revisit these albums, many of which have been gathering dust in my collection over the years.

I also added a melon collie group of tracks at the end, one from each album, to help wrap things up. There’s room for plenty of argument here in terms of which tracks should have made the cut, but as they say, to each their own…

Setlist from the following albums: Mellow Gold (1994), Odelay (1996), Mutations (1998), Midnight Vultures (1999), Sea Change (2002), Guero (2005), The Information (2006), Modern Guilt (2008), Morning Phase (2014).

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