Digital Underground lets the contradictions run wild in Future Rhythm’s “Want It All”

There will always be a special place in the hearts of old school hip-hop fans when it comes to a collective like Digital Underground.

While Dr. Dre was turning Parliament-Funkadelic samples into gangster rap soundtracks, Digital Underground used the P-Funk sounds of the past to keep the party jumping with a much less serious vibe attached to it.

My go-to album in the Underground discography is Sons of the P from 1991, but I was recently reintroduced to a hidden gem that was released long after many fans had lost track of Shock G and his Humpty Hump stylings.

In 1996 Digital Underground released the vastly mediocre Future Rhythm album with a track called “Want It All” buried at the end. It’s everything you’d expect from the crew: funk, humor, creativity.

It’s packed full of lines that most would have little trouble following, much less relating to, such as “it’s great to be alive, I wonder what it’s like to die, I want to live drug free…but I want be to sober, I want to get high ’til the world is over” and “I want to be a real humanitarian, eat fish and become a vegetarian, but after the party’s over at 2 am…then I wanna get a Fatburger.”

You get the idea. It’s just too bad we never got an official video for this one.

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