Carnahan Chronicles Radio: Interview with Alan Amron about First Down Laser

The sports we play and the way we watch them continue to evolve. On Saturday I was joined by inventor Alan Amron on AM 740 The Game to talk about one particular change that could be the most drastic and fan-friendly to date.

Amron has met with the National Football League in recent years about upgrading its chain gang with a new technology called the First Down Laser, which would stretch the width of the field and be visible to fans at stadiums across the country much in the same way the yellow first down marker is on television.

More information on the technology can be found at First Down Laser and Sports Laser Technologies. Check the link below to listen in on the conversation and click HERE for more about Amron and his Post-it Notes Press-on Memo invention.

( – Click here to listen to J.C. interview Alan Amron about First Down Laser – )

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