Scribbling On Cardboard with a Colored Pencil

My 16-month old son is a lot like his dad. Neither of us likes to waste our time in bed too early in the night.

Tonight he stayed up late and scribbled some lines on a piece of cardboard with a “Vietnam Blue” colored pencil. I had never before heard of this Vietnam version of blue before tonight, but it’s got a nice look to it.

It was interesting to watch him work the pencil without even realizing what all the lines were creating. Looking forward to seeing him add another color or two in the days ahead.

So far it looks like there’s a guy posing in a hat, suit and tie.

Cash Art I

Cash Art II



  1. I’m sure only a mother would get this, or obsessed aunt like myself, but when I see my niece and nephew (1 & 2) I get them to ‘do drawing’ on a page in my Filofax. So I always have a little piece of them to carry around. There’s nothing better in this world than watching a kid with a crayon in their hand.

    1. It’s amazing to see my little man experience all these things in the world for the first time. Just imagine what it would be like to start all over again with a clean slate like that.

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