NCAA March Madness Offers Rare Stroke of Luck

I’m historically mediocre at filling out March Madness brackets. But I do it ever year, just as I’ve become programed to do over the past three decades. For most sports fans it adds a little more flare to the wild and unpredictable opening rounds of the tournament.

This time I waited until the last minute to fill one out. I wasn’t tempted to wager a single penny on it either, for the first time in years. And then I started to wonder what could have been after watching as my Final Four, and seven of my Elite Eight selections, remained intact entering Thursday and Friday’s Sweet 16.

NCAA March Madness

Sure, I could’ve done a bit better with my logic in the opening rounds (looking at you teams from the state of Ohio, VCU and New Mexico) and I’d likely still be trailing in your office or back-alley pools.

But hear’s hoping I still have something to smile about entering the weekend and beyond. Even if it’s only for pride’s sake.

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